Tyrese Defends Weave Comments And More On Hot 97.


While Tyrese promoted his new movie ‘The Fate of the Furious’ 8.

  • Tyrese addresses his statement about women wearing weave and etc. at the 12:28 mark.
  • “When people twist it obviously  when you write a caption. It’s expected for people to interpret the caption the way they want it. I never specifically  set out a problem with lashes. and makeup and weave. That so far from twisted. And, I specifically  never targeted black women… I even wrote in my caption I’m not talking about black women. .. My follow-up I hear what you’re saying but as men we actually notice way more than you think we do. and, then I went down my list.  That’s when it opened up the flood gates.
  • At the 14:33 mark, Tyrese later says, ” Ebro jumped up there and Usher put up something talking about it. And then Kendrick did a verse talking about ass with the stretch marks.
  • Tyrese says he’s been consistency vocal since the beginning of his career about stuff that matters. And, then when you jump out there it is expected for people to twist your words and misinterpret you.
  • Tyrese talks about the wedding and his wife at the 19:28 mark. Tyrese reveals he got married at home in Georgia. Tyrese says he’s going to do the big wedding in LA on July the 4th. So, we wanted to keep it low which we did it was private and intimate. So nobody can bring the cameras in it. It was only family and friends.

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