How Sway? Kanye West Will Be the Subject of A College’s Case Study On Mental Illness.

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Instead of Kanye’s workout plan it’s going to be a class studying Kanye’s mental illness.

Back in 2016 was a roller coaster of a year for Kanye West. He had his successful moments of releasing a new album and a new collection of his clothing line, but there was the onstage mental breakdown during one of his concerts and the subsequent hospitalization for exhaustion.

Dr. Jeffrey McCune, who teaches at Washington University in St. Louis, is currently on his third and final lecture in a series about how West is both a “genius” and “crazy.” His final lecture is called, Name One Genius That Ain’t Crazy: Kanye West and the Politics of Self-Diagnosis.

In the lecture, McCune says we label West as crazy because he acts outside of the box we try to keep him in.

“Ultimately what I’m getting at in this lecture is not just about Kanye, it’s also about the larger notion of crazy and how we utilize it,” said McCune to Hypebeast.

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