T.I. Says, He and Tiny are Better as Friends, The Family Hustle On Angie Martinez On Power 105.1


Cliff Notes…

  • TIP talks about performing ‘Keep Your Head Up’ at Tupac’s Rock and Roll induction at the 1:08 mark.
  • TIP talks about Family Hustle final season on VH1.
  • TIP says he was still shooting where his marital problems was still going on. TIP says there is no beef, we good, we straight. We see each other we speak and we talk. We spend time together. TIP says Tameka Harris still is one of the best friends I have.
  • TIP continues I could be a better best friend than a husband at the 6:37 mark.
  • TIP also shared that he believes that being married was a “distraction.”“It seems to me that marriage and what marriage means and what marriage does — it’s just one of those things that’s going to distract me and deter me. And that could be selfish, but ultimately, I’m the patriarch of this family. And it’s my responsibility to take us onward and upward.”

    He added: “I just have a purpose and I don’t always have the time to do the thoughtful and considerate thing that a husband should do.”

  • At 10:58 mark, TIP tells Angie to stop putting him in relationships with people.
  • At the 11:24, TIP says he’s not in a relationship nobody.
  • At the 12:52, Angie asks TIP he doesn’t get the screen shot of Bernice on Baller Alert. TIP responds, “Hey if I did I would say, “What are you doing up this time of the night?” Worrying yourself about this. Why are you not resting and prepare yourself for your day……
  • At the 13:56 mark, “All things you heard about me in reference to me…. Sll of the different headlines that you heard my name in association with all of the things i’ve gotten myself in to. If these are the worst things you have to report about me. Would you please give me my certificate of approval….


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