Break The Internet: #KendrickLamar Drops His New Album ‘Damn’.

It’s not a drill….. Kendrick post a link to his new album on Apple Music. Previous details… Kendrick Lamar has confirmed the details of his new album. Titled DAMN. the record will be released on April 14. It features the single “Humble” plus collaborations with Rihanna and U2 on the tracks “Loyalty” and “xxx” respectively.  Let…

‘Black Ink Crew’ Season 5 Ep 15

An angry Miss Kitty confronts Ceaser about sleeping with Allison. Richard rushes to the hospital after an urgent text message from Nikki. Dutchess gets her groove back with an NFL player after hearing about Ceaser’s sex life. Click Here or Here to watch.

Man dragged off United flight reportedly prepares to sue.

If you missed the previous story click Here to read. The Kentucky man dragged from a United Airlines flight on Sunday is preparing to file a lawsuit, according to David Dao’s attorneys have asked United to hold onto surveillance videos, cockpit voice recordings, incident reports, and passenger, crew and employee lists, the report said….

‘Little Women In Atlanta’ Season 5, Episode 15.

In an attempt to heal her rift with Juicy, Minnie brings the girls together for an Escape Room bonding exercise, but Juicy has other ideas. As news of Nico’s confession spreads through the group, Tanya gears up for a dramatic confrontation with her ex! Click Here or Here to watch.