Mo Money, Mo Problems. Tyga’s Music Company Still Owes Fan $248K.


Tyga stays in some legal mess.

According to TMZ reports, His music company owes big money to a concertgoer who sued 2 years ago, but still hasn’t been paid. Shocking, right?

Quick backstory: Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga’s co. after a light stand fell and hit her in the head during one of his concerts in Grand Rapids, MI. She says she suffered head trauma and permanent scarring.

Shyanne sued in 2015 and finally scored a victory last year, with a judge awarding her about $235k.

Thing is … Tyga Music hasn’t cut a check yet, and now she’s filed docs to get a judge to force him to pay up. The amount due has now ballooned, due to interest, to $248,553.

Shyanne’s attorney tells TMZ  this is the third time he’s been hired to collect from Tyga.

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