Vintage Tea! Jennifer Lopez And Wesley Snipes Blind Item..


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[Blind Gossip] In an interview with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Jennifer Lopez was asked if she’d ever had a bad experience doing a love scene in a film.

She replied by talking about the “total jerk” actor with whom she starred in an action film.

Ugh! It was horrible. It was my first one… my first big role in a big budget movie. And I had to do this love scene. And I had never done a love scene before. I mean, I had done kissing, caressing, you know, but I had never done a sex scene before, so I was really nervous.

I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t think it was necessary. I wish now I had put up more of a fight. But when you first start working professionally, if you wanna work and you want your chance, you take whatever they give you. I didn’t think I had the right to say “No”, like, “No, I’m not doing this, and that’s it!”

I just tried to put it like, “We don’t really need this. It’s not that kind of film. This is an action movie. It’s not in the script.”

That’s the thing: It wasn’t even in the original script! The producers added it during filming. It wasn’t called for. It served no purpose in the story. You know what I mean? They just wanted a sex scene. Or rather the star did. Who was just a total jerk.

He was a big star at that time, with a lot of clout, and I was just starting out. It was my big break. And he really pressured me. He told me if the scene wasn’t hot enough, my part would end up on the cutting room floor. And that it would be bad for my career, like I’d get a reputation as difficult to work with.

So we did it, and it was horrible. We were both completely naked, with nothing between us except a sock on his boner! I was so naïve then. Now I would have pillows and covers and whatever to prevent contact, but I didn’t know any better.

So here’s this famous actor, basically humping my leg and pawing away at my breasts and kissing them. It was awful. I felt violated. I swore I’d never work with him again. He’s not done too well lately anyway… so maybe that’s karma!


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  1. daKIdubbaD says:

    Nick Nolte-U turn


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