Ace of Diamonds Owners Talk Amber Rose Stealing Their Brand On Hollywood Unlocked.

The last time we heard about ol’ girl and the KOD strip club.

 Amber Rose’s new strip club Ace of Diamonds (AOD) will in fact open. This week, reports surfaced that the former stripper turned mogul had been shut down by a judge, in attempting to trade mark the name of the popular strip club. According to a report, the application was rejected because it would cause confusion in the marketplace, since an AOD and Ace of Emeralds already exists.

Ace of Diamonds owners speaks out  in a new interview.

Sam the owner says, “Basically, Amber Rose is trying to steal a concept that we created and branded 3 years ago. This brand was actually created on a television show ‘LHHH’ season 1 hiring Masika Kalysha who was the face of Ace. The club that we were opening in Vegas seven  days a week.

She use her influence  as being the public figure to get a blue check and verified. She use her relationship with instagram to get our pages deleted. This is all about power. She’s using her power unrightfully to mess with our business.



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