Jamie Foxx Talks New Music Game Show ‘Beat Shazam’.


Jaime does an interview with  Billboard and Access Hollywood to promote his new show.

Beat Shazam will debut this summer on Fox, with production beginning next month, and Foxx tells Billboard familiarizing himself with the network’s standards and practices guidelines and the run of the show have taken more work than expected. He has even been putting in extra hours “studying” at home to get fully off-book.

Here is portion of Jaime’s interview with Billboard.

Why get involved with this show? What appealed to you about it?

What it was is that everybody has shows — J.Lo has a show [Shades of Blue], Kevin Hart has a show [Real Husbands of Hollywood], The Rock has a show [Ballers] — and I’ve always been a TV person, right? And we’d been trying to get the show together for the past couple years with [executive producers] Jeff Apploff and Mark Burnett, and it’s a perfect fit for me because I come from music, we dig the fun, I’m always throwing parties, and so that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna have a party atmosphere, but we got a game show in it with the app Shazam, so it all sort of made sense.

It’s fun; I called some of my friends to come hang out. Like, a good friend of mine is [New York Giants wide receiver] Odell Beckham Jr., so I said: Listen, while we’re doing this show, why don’t we do Odell Beckham’s playlist? Because he’s got the great energy. So he said he’d come out. Or if it’s Vin Diesel, if it’s Drake or if it’s whoever, so we have that aspect. But then what we learned when we started doing the show is the contestants, they’re colorful and crazy and kooky. One dude said, “I want to win this money by guessing these songs because my wife, we never had a honeymoon.” So it’s got all the ingredients and it gives me the opportunity to come back to TV and have fun.


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