Plies Says McDonald’s Employee Who Identified Facebook Killer in Drive-Thru Deserves a Raise.


A few days ago it was announced  $50,000 reward has been posted by Crimestoppers Monday for information leading to the capture of the man suspected of killing a random passerby and posting the gruesome footage on Facebook Sunday.

Yesterday, The man known as the “Facebook killer” may have been taken down by a group of McDonald’s employees in Erie, Pennsylvania, authorities said Tuesday.

Before the car chase, however, Stephens stopped at a McDonald’s drive-thru and ordered 20 Chicken McNuggets and large fries for $5.35, the restaurant’s manager, Henry Sayers, told The New York Times.

A female employee recognized Stephens when he came up to the window, then she confirmed with other workers that it was him, according to police and Tom DuCharme, who owns that McDonald’s franchise.

In the clip, Plies says, “This muthafuckin’ message here for McDonald’s. I just seen on CNN one of your employees thought they identified the goddamn shooter or the dude on Facebook and they held the muthafuckin’ french fries and they ran back there and called the police and that’s how they muthafuckin’ caught him,”



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