Day: April 20, 2017

Cuba Gooding Sr., 70s Singer and Father to Cuba Jr., Dead at 72

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Cuba Gooding Sr., a popular soul singer in the 1970s and father of Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr., died Thursday, reports TMZ. He was 72.

Gooding Sr. was found slumped over in his silver Jaguar, which was parked on a street in Woodland Hills, CA, according to the report. TMZ says the fire department responded to the scene and attempted CPR, but could not resuscitate him.


‘Black Ink Crew’ Ruff Times Season 5 Ep 16


Sky returns to 113th and shares some big news. Ceaser attempts damage control with Miss Kitty. Sky heads to the boardroom to pitch her new work out. All hell breaks loose when Donna says Sky doesn’t deserve her promotion.

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Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter Montana Enters Plea of Not Guilty on DUI Charges.


Back in March, Montana Fishburne, the daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in Florida Saturday morning, PEOPLE confirms.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers took Fishburne, 25, into custody at 1:56 a.m. March 11 after she allegedly hit a vehicle that had slowed down to avoid another crash. The incident occurred on I-95 near her home in Fort Lauderdale.

Here’s an update on the situation.

TJB reports, Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana has headed to court to enter a plea of not guilty, over the 4 charges she was hit with by the States Attorney’s Office last month — in the case where she is facing up to a year in jail.

On April 13th, docs were filed showing Montana has lawyer-ed up and hired David A. Frankel to represent her. Montana entered a plea of not guilty on all charges of driving while intoxicated and causing property damage.

‘Little Women In Atlanta’ Season 3, Episode 16.


Ms. Juicy excludes Minnie from an acting workshop, causing a rift between the Twins when they are forced to choose sides. After having her kids tested for dwarfism, Tanya is brought to tears as she struggles to accept the results. Juicy, Monie and Sam take part in a play, but Sam’s stage fright could bring the curtain down on their performance.

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Tameka Harris Talks About Bernice Burgos, Floyd Mayweather JR, TIP Zonnique, And More On The ‘Wendy Williams’ Show.


The full interview is here…

Tameka Harris finally denies being  on Floyd Mayweather’s egg plant. She talks about Bernice Burgos, and TIP.

Cliff notes below…

  • Wendy talks about Tameka’s eyes at the 1:30.
  • Tameka’s eye procedure cost $10,000.
  • Wendy says Tameka and TIP martial problems is a publicity stunt for the reality show at the 2:11. Tameka says, “Oh that’s what you think? That’s cool.”
  • Tameka says the reality TV did put a strain in their marriage. Tameka explains, ” Because it keeps people in your business.
  • Wendy says Major is her favorite out of all Tamekas and TIP kids.
  • Wendy tells Tameka she has nice taste in men at the 3:38 mark.
  • Tameka talks about Bernice at the 3:53 mark. Tameka says, “She’s somebody that comes in and is gone. You know .. it’s nothing to it’s what he does.
  • Tameka denies having an open marriage at the 4:08 mark. Tameka says, “We don’t have anything right now.”
  • Tameka continues explaining the open marriage. Tameka says, ” It’s not an agreement we just were married and we did what we wanted to do.
  •  Wendy recap the entire Bernice and Tameka drama at the 4:45 mark.
  • Tameka says, “He’s not even with her first of all. She’s has nothing to do with whatever what’s going on with us before anyway. We were already going though what we are going through anyway. She’s just came in the picture after I filed the divorce.  Tameka explains her issues with Bernice
  • Tameka says Shekinah is still apart of her life at the 6:06 mark.
  • Wendy talked about Tameka Harris inappropriately with Floyd at the 6:20 mark. Tameka denied dirty dancing with Floyd. Floyd is just a friend.
  • Tameka says this about Tamar at the 7:50 mark. Tamar says, “I will always consider Tamar a good friend of mine.  Wendy recap Tiny’s mom called out Tamar for neglecting her God Mother duties.
  • Tameka talks about the Xscape reunion at the 8:55 mark. Says right now they are focusing on the old music and talks new tour.
  • Tameka talks about her own record label and says Zonnique is her first artist.
  • At the 12:01 Zonnique says she has a good relationship with her biological father.