Double Stories: Chris Brown’s Lawyer Claims Karrueche Is Using Restraining Order for Self Promotion/ Chris Brown Owes Tampa Nightclub $30,000 .

If you missed the previous Karrueche and Chris Breezy legal battle click Here to read.


Chris Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos told TMZ that the case is “doomed to failure” and insinuated that it was merely a publicity stunt. “A lot of people use Chris to enhance their profile,” he said.

Geragos was asked why he didn’t accept the legal docs on behalf of his client. “I’m not here to help anybody increase their profile for self-promotion,” he replied.

In similar news, Chris Brown might have to pay $30,000 over  incident  at a Tampa nightclub.

A Tampa nightclub is seeking money from Chris Brown after he made a brief appearance, in which he allegedly punched a photographer early Monday morning then dipped.  Because of his early exit, the club is asking for the “Party” singer to fork over the $30,000 that he was paid for his appearance. Brown was reportedly only in attendance for five minutes before engaging in the brawl and left the club right after the incident. (TMZ)



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