It’s Cheaper To Keep Her! Carmelo and La La’s Prenuptial Agreement Details.

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Some reports are saying Melo was not faithful to La La which may have been the last straw in their marriage.  There are details on Melo and Lala prenup details floating on the net.

According to Page six reports, News of the prenup comes three days after it emerged that Melo and his wife were splitting. The ex-MTV VJ moved out of their Manhattan pad several months ago, claiming Melo was two-timing her throughout their seven-year marriage.

Anthony is in the middle of a $124 million contract, and has raked in more than $200 million during his career. La La’s earnings have not been nearly as high as an actress, model and producer, according to the gossip site.

But the prenup is not necessarily a slam dunk for Melo.

Some agreements contain “cheating clauses,” which entitle the aggrieved party to challenge the written terms, and demand a greater slice of the pie.

Multiple sources have told Page Six that Melo was no saint — often flirting or canoodling with women while he was on the road with the Knicks.


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