0-100: K. Michelle And Loni Love ‘The Real’ Drama Because Angela Yee Revisit K. Michelle’s Showdown On ‘The Breakfast Club’ And More.

A few days ago , ‘The Real’ revisited the K. Michelle Vrs. Angela Yee interview on the BFC.

Loni Love trolled Angela Yee by purposely mentioning Keyshia Cole name instead of K. Michelle.

The last time K. Michelle addressed the situation things were pretty tense.

K. responded in an interview on Power 99.

When I got there I know I was not fucking with her. So, that’s just me I ain’t fake.  I don’t have much time to be like just smiling at you. This the same girl who goes to my events and drink my free liquor. You know what i’m saying… This is the same girl who is always saying she is a K. Michelle supporter and more than anything you still a woman in the business and certain things you should never… especially when their is no merit in that or you have these two bone heads over 40 promoting a mixtape and when they give you like the point’s that you want to speak about actually have my name down there as a point.  You know the Breakfast Club it is what it is.. I expect that from [ C tha God ] and Envy these are men. No woman wants a rumor about their hot pocket no stuff like that. For you the interview was over. Ya’ll talk about this interview a few weeks ago. (Talking about Angela Yee) You brought it up..

Later, K. Michelle posted and deleted an Angela Yee’s meme on social media click Here if you missed that.

Today, the shit hit the fan when K. Michelle refer to Loni Love roast beef and claims ‘The Real’ wanted K. Michelle to co-host the show.

Read below…



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