Lil Wayne Full Interview With Skip Bayless Talks About Prince, Jay Z , Roc Nation, Aaron Hernandez and More.


Lil Wayne cover a lot of topic including the late Prince,  Aaron Hernandez , Roc Nation and more.

Cliff notes.

  • Skip Bayless truly love Lil Wayne’s Carter III album at the 1:13 mark.
  • Lil Wayne is currently on Tour  and says he hasn’t put anything out new in a trillion years at  the 1:53 mark.
  • At the 4:20 mark Lil Wayne talks about Aaron Hernandez recent suicide.
  • Lil Wayne talks Aaron Hernandez  suicide in prison and synthetic marijuana. (His homies warn him about the bad effects from the drugs).
  • Lil Wayne talks about Prince and MJ at the 7:28 mark.
  • Lil Wayne talks about the best and the worst parts of being Lil Wayne at the 10:01 mark. He says there is no worst parts about being Lil Wayne.
  • At the 13:40 mark Lil Wayne talks about Jay Z and Roc Nation. Lil Wayne says, ” Jay is a good guy. ” Jay told Lil Wayne, “He wanted to help Lil Wayne anyway that I can.”
  • At the 14:05 mark, Lil Wayne is still currently  dealing with the legal battle with CMR.

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