Prayers Up! Shekinah Jo Is A Victim Of Domestic Violence Shares Photo Of The Aftermath.

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Prayers up to Shekinah Jo!

Shekinah Jo post and deleted a photo of her with a bruised up face and sadly confirms she is a victim of domestic violence.

Keep Shekinah in your thoughts and prayers!   Whoever this mitch disfigure Shekinah’s face like that is a fucking COWARD. Shekinah is someone aunt, friend, and daughter.  Shekinah did not deserve this kind of treatment.





Steve Harvey’s Ex. Mary Harvey Tells All In A New Interview About Their Marriage And Divorce.

Steve’s Ex. Mary Harvey does not hold back on Mr. Teeth and Mustache.

In interview, Ms. Mary says, “She’s not here to destroy Steve. That isn’t her job. He can destroy himself.”

-She’s gone to jail TWICE, illegally.

-Mary went to the McKinney Courthouse and basically turned herself in because she was told there was a warrant out for her arrest. Five police officers approached her. The warrant was for non-payment of child support. She was NEVER ordered to pay child support in the first place. Steve was ordered to pay. So basically, he had a false warrant put out for her arrest.

-She was finally issued the gag order.

Thank you @iSaidWhatIsaid for the cliff notes.

If you missed the previous story about Mary Harvey click Here and Here to read.

Wendy Williams Announce Nick Cannon Will Make A Debut On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ On Thursday.

Wendy Williams announce Nick Cannon will make his debut appearance on the ‘Wendy William Show’ on Thursday.

‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Season 2, Episode 4.


When Gizelle‘s mom comes to visit, she finds herself on a date with her new boyfriend AND her mom. Charrisse a.k.a “Cha-Cha” throws her daughter a lavish Sweet 16 birthday party, but when her elusive husband shows up at the party, it becomes too much for her to handle. Meanwhile, a hookah lounge fête turns sour when Ashley‘s prodding about Eddie puts Charrisse on edge and Monique shuts down Gizelle’s hazing antics.

Click Here or Here to watch.

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