Day: April 25, 2017

Pay Up Kellz… IRS Demands R. Kelly To Pay $223k in Back Taxes ASAP.


It’s too bad the singer cannot sing his way out of this one.

The IRS is demanding R. Kelly to pay a whooping $223k in back taxes.

According to exclusively reports, more tax issues for R. Kelly. Unfortunately, the legendary singer and songwriter currently owes millions in unpaid taxes over multiple years and now the IRS has hit him with a brand new lien over $223k over more unpaid taxes.

The IRS filed a Federal Tax lien against Kelly in Illinois. The official document accuses him of refusing to pay up on his 2015 tax bill, to the tune of $223,490.37


Katherine Jackson’s Elder Abuse Case Against Trent Thrown Out.

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Back in Feb. reports, Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the legendary musical brood — including Janet and the late Michael Jackson — was granted a temporary restraining order against nephew Trent Lamar Jackson.

Court documents obtained by The Times, allege that Jackson’s daughter Rebbie, as well as other family members, have witnessed ongoing abuse by Trent Lamar Jackson, who previously had been employed as Jackson’s driver.

Here’s an update on the situation.

Katherine Jackson just got shot down by a judge in her bid to get a restraining order against nephew Trent Jackson on grounds he abused her and stole from her.

The judge just booted the case after Katherine’s lawyers essentially threw themselves at the mercy of the court, claiming their client was unprepared to go forward. The lawyers asked the judge if the case could be dismissed “without prejudice,” meaning it could be refiled. The lawyers also said Katherine never realized this would turn into a full-blown trial.

The judge said today was judgment day, and if she wasn’t ready it’s case closed forever.

Jesse Williams Responds to Minka Kelly Questions With TMZ.

After new surface Jesse Williams and his gorgeous wife split after five years of marriage,

It was rumor that Jesse may have move on to Minka Kelly.

Jesse addresses the rumors in a brief interview with TMZ.

Jesse was flying out of LAX Tuesday morning when we asked about his split from Aryn after nearly 5 years of marriage. The “Grey’s Anatomy” star was trying to keep a low profile — hoodie up, shades on — and not at all talkative.

Still, he dressed appropriately for the occasion — because he let the message on the back of his jacket do the talking when asked if things are serious with Minka.

Drake to host first-ever NBA Awards on TNT.

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Congrats to Drake in that order!!!!

The rapper is set to the host the FIRST ever NBA awards On TNT.

According to the press release, Turner and the NBA today announced Drake – platinum-selling recording artist and multi-faceted entertainer – as host of the first-ever NBA Awards on TNT, airing Monday, June 26, with coverage beginning at 9 p.m. ET. The inaugural event, held at Basketball City at Pier 36 in New York City, will be the NBA’s official annual award show to honor all of the league’s top performers on one night for the first time.

NBA Awards presented during the show will include:

  • Kia NBA Most Valuable Player
  • Kia NBA Rookie of the Year
  • Kia NBA Sixth Man Award
  • Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year
  • Kia NBA Most Improved Player
  • NBA Coach of the YearImage result for drake gif

It’s Been 15 Years Since The Death Of ‘Left Eye’ Lopes’.

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Today marks 15 years since the tragic car accident death of Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes from the R&B group TLC.

The singer/rapper died in 2002 during a trip to Honduras at 30 years old. Lopes was best known for being the  third member of the group TLC, with members Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas.

The first lyrics that pop in my mind when hearing Ms. ‘Left Eye’ Lopes.

From “No Scrubs”…..

So, let me give you something to think about
Inundate your mind with intentions to turn you out
Can’t forget the focus on the picture in front of me.

Another  favorite…

The remix of Creep (Untouchables Remix)

Oh I Oh I Oh I am the surgeon general
I do believe in lyrical miracles (Warning!)
Creepin’ may cause hysterical behavior in the mind
Put your life into a bind
And in time make you victim to a passionate crime
Now pregnant women put themselves at greater risk of bein’ dissed
Known as no one for not knowin’ who the daddy is
Which may result in little kids growin’ up by the dozens
Gettin’ sexually involved with first cousins
Creepin’ is the number one item on the chart
Rippin’ families apart the leadin’ cause of a broken heart
Injuries can be fatal may in fact of prenatal
HIV is often sleepin’ in a creepin’ cradle

Mini tribute below…