Michael Slager, Ex-Cop Who Shot Walter Scott, to Plead Guilty in Civil Rights Case.


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Back in December 2015, The family of the late Walter Scott and the city of North Charleston, South Carolina, have reached a $6.5 million settlement.

The North Charleston City Council approved the settlement on Thursday night.

Scott was fatally shot on April 4 by former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager after being pulled over, reportedly for a broken brake light, and later struck in the back as he was running away from police.

Here’s an update…

The defense in Slager’s first trial claimed the former North Charleston police department patrolman feared for his life and fired in self-defense.

Slager’s federal trial was set to begin on May 15, and jury selection was slated to begin May 9.

After the mistrial in December, state prosecutors in South Carolina said they would seek to try Michael Slager again, but no charges had yet been filed.

That means that if this plea goes as proposed, Slager’s guilty plea on the remaining federal charges would be the end of all the criminal cases, and the state would not seek to try him again.


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