Tamar Braxton Talks About Her New Single ‘My Man’, Tamartian Land Records And More Will Billboard Live.


Cliff notes….

  • Tamar talks about her  new single ‘My Man’ and talks about her mother Evelyn being cheated was the inspiration for the song.  (0:00-1:47) mark.
  • Tamar talks about the process of writing the song ‘My Man’.
  • Tamar Braxton talks about her own label ‘Tamartian Land’ records at the 5:46 mark.
  • Tamar explains this is about giving my Tamaritian friends everything they want and need.
  • Tamar says she is working on the video for her single ‘My Man’ at the 6:19 mark.
  • Tamar talks about ‘Tamar and Vince’ new season at the 6: 49 mark. Tamar says, “Tamar and Vince gets a little personal that’s because we are in our relationship right now. Everybody knows that Vince is my manager, husband, agent and baby daddy… We are working on our differences and we’ve been married for eight years. It’s hard out here in these streets. BUT, we are committed to each other and we love each other deeply.
  • Tamar says Logan will be on going on the road with her  on the weekends. 8:59 mark.
  • Tamar says Logan really love music.

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