Funk Flex Claims Tupac Shot Himself.

Funk Flex  went a little too far on the Gram Live last night.

According to All Hip Hop,

In an Instagram Live video captured by LevelUpHipHop, Flex can be heard speaking on the 1994 shooting in New York City. The Hot 97 radio personality claimed that 2Pac saw some individuals in the lobby that tried to confront him, got nervous, and then accidentally shot himself. Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Lil Cease responded to Flex in the video’s comment section. Cease stated, “He resisted! From what I know… and I heard he reached for this joint and pop himself 1st by mistake.” The Brooklyn-raised rapper later returned to Instagram to clarify he did no intend to “speak negative of Tupac or anybody dead.” There had been reports that Pac shot himself prior to Flex and Cease’s statements. Flex further addressed the Pac shooting in a separate IG post.

Later Funk Flex went on the gram and says this…

  • funkflexThe Fucking truth!!!! They was never going to shoot him.. he was suppose to run the jewels… he panicked shot himself…. then went on a Biggie campaign… ( he knew why it was happening) yes I dislike him for that… yes I feel a way… because I know the truth… we all knew the truth…. Big never did nothing to him…. (here come the Stans) !!!!! IT MAKES ME SICK TO HEAR U STANS TALK AND WORSHIP THAT BEHAVIOR…. THE TRUTH FUCKING HURTS… ITS THE TRUTH!!!!! Half the Stans in these comments are born after they died and grew up worshipping bullshit stories and myths!



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