Iyanla Vanzant Explains Why She Called Neffe A “Guttersnipe” On Gram Live.

About 16 days ago, Neffe did an interview with Big Tigger she hare her thoughts about being called a Guttersnipe.

Neffe said…

  • Neffe responds about Iyanla called her a “guttersnipe” at the 5:27 mark.
  • Big Tigger explains what the term means a scruffy and badly behaved child who spends most of their time on the street.
  • Neffe says, “I’m receive it how I received in this nature. in order for one to identify with that you have to have been that yourself. Big Tigger laughs in the background lol! Neffe continues, “I love Ms.  Iyanla I really do she helped me identify alot of things guttersnipe was not one of them. But, I respect my elders. I leave it right there.

On the GRAM life, Iyanla Vanzant explains why she called Neffe that term.

In the clip Iyanla says, “Neffeteria and Shelby even though the update says to you that they are not together. Sometimes it’s not a bad thing. I think they made a heard choice. I think they made a choice that was best for both of them…. Although, many people are upset because people think I can save the dolphins from extinctions… What I do is I go in and identify the problem and explore possible causes of whatever the problem is. And, then I offer possible solutions for the problems.

At the 1:38 mark Iyanla talks about the term gutter snipe. She says, “I did not call Neffeteria  a guttersnipe or the b word. I called Neffe  I said Neffe was the b- word and a guttersnipe straight up out the hood. I did that because part of the challenges that Neffeteria was facing was learning how to be Neffeteria the woman she’s growing in to and to let go of the ways. Of Neffe the character that was created for television…..


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