Lil Yachty Says He Has Nothing But Respect For Joe Budden After The Complex’s ‘Everyday Struggle’ Interview.


That interview with Joe Budden and Lil Yachty was a hot mess. Joe Budden went off on Lil Yachty for not knowing he has a 360 deal or nah? And, the rest was history…

In the interview Joe Budden asked Yachty, “Are you in a 360,” meaning is the rapper signed to a deal whereby the label gets a cut of every source of revenue coming in. Basically, is Capitol getting money every time Yachty’s Target commercial comes on.

Yachty seemed confused by the question, saying, “I don’t know,” and then seemingly looking off camera to ask, “Am I?” When pressed further, the rapper said, “I know I have an amazing deal. I know I have an amazing attorney.”

Budden then proceeded to explain what a 360 deal is, and then turned to the rapper to ask how he felt about them. Yachty, who appeared flustered, said, “I already recouped my deal,” and explained that he had already made back his advance which was “over a million.”

Lil Yachty address the 360 record deal situation and says he has nothing but respect for Joe Budden.

Here is what the rapper tweeted below in response to his fans and haters.

I respect Joe 100%. I Also Appreciate His Stand Point. + Now I Can’t Stop Laughing With The Meme’s. So it’s a Win/Win.


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