Mel B Granted Five Years Restraining Order Against Former Nanny.


Two weeks ago, Mel B‘s former nanny is filing a lawsuit against the singer, claiming she told lies about her in the divorce case against Stephen Belafonte.

TMZ has learned the lawsuit centers on declarations Mel B filed in which she claims Belafonte and Lorraine Gilles told her they had an affair and that Lorraine was pregnant with his child. Mel B also claimed Gilles had an abortion.

Here is an update on the situation.

On Wednesday, Mel B’s lawyer was in court Wednesday, armed with a declaration from Mel claiming Lorraine Gilles has harassed her. She’s the nanny whom Mel claims had an affair with husband Stephen Belafonte and even got pregnant by him. Mel B also claims Gilles is holding her sex tapes hostage.
Mel claims Gilles has been verbally abusive toward her, disrespecting her and rolling her eyes during conversations. Mel B also says she would make “exacerbated sounds” designed to annoy her. She also says Gilles would call Mel B’s kids her kids.


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