#ThirstTrappin Or Nah? Draya Michele Explains Yoga Meme That Is Floating On The Gram.


Draya hopped on the gram last night to explain her yoga meme that is a floating around  on the gram. Last night the former reality star Draya explains the picture with these hashtags in her caption. Below.


drayamicheleWho needs cable when you have the net ??? #whomakesthese #morelike #everytimeishave #whenhessayhehungry #thatsnotmyprint #ihadonundies #butyallbezooming #sojusttoclarify #issashadow #deletingsoon

A little fact about the photo….

This is the same event Adrienne Bailon, Draya attend back in March 31st.

  • drayamicheleI wanna give a special thank you to my girls for coming to my YOGA class at the FLAGSHIP STORE for @aloyoga …. I used to wish I got invited to the “it girl” parties, now I throw them… 💗💗💗💗 Special thank you to @aloyoga (which we are all wearing) for being a great host !!! 💗💗Capture.PNG




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