Hot Or Nah? Nicki Minaj in David Guetta’s ‘Light My Body Up’ Video Feat. Lil Wayne.

Nicki Minaj is currently trending on social media for this video.

The video drop earlier today.

Taking place in a mansion dripping in vibrant gold and red, Minaj delivers most of her heaters from an all-gold sofa that serves as throne.

Kanye Pulls The PLUG On Social Media.

Related image

Kanye West appears to have deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Twitter page for @kanyewest now brings up the site’s “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” screen. On Instagram, @kanyewest now yields “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

Yesterday Kim Kardashian announced she and Kanye West were releasing a children’s  clothing line,The Kids Supply, on Friday, May 5.

“Our kids line drops tomorrow at 12 noon PST,” Kardashian tweeted Thursday to her 51.3 million followers.

“For the past few years Kanye and I have made almost all our kids clothes and we have collaborated on a new kids line!” she added. “TheKidsSupply has been what we’ve been working on for a long time. I’m so excited about this!

Then today, just as the launch kicked off, Yeezy deleted his Twitter account instead of promoting the line…

Beyonce Denies Lip Injections Rumors



This week MediaTakeOut claimed pregnant pop star Beyonce had gotten lip injections.

Beyonce’s camp fires back…

The statement below addressed to MTO staffers and obtained by Gossip Cop

“What do you know about the effects of pregnancy on a woman’s entire body? Please tell me. Did you know that in addition to weight gain there is often a dramatic change in the blood flow in the system and increased fluid causing swelling? Do you know that often women’s gums get swollen? Do you know that it sometimes affects our speech, our ability to chew intently and a host of other things?”

“But the sacrifice to our faces, our feet and our entire bodies is something we welcome because we bring beautiful humans into the world who will one day combat your hate and negativity. I stood silent during Beyonce’s first pregnancy when you thought it was okay to bully her like the cowards you are, when you accused her of never being pregnant, but I simply cannot this time.”

“You are the saddest individuals and picking on a pregnant lady is tantamount to possessing the coldest, despicable heart.”

 “You need to find something else to do with your time and maybe stop by a store that has happiness on sale because you need to buy some.”

Chris Brown Finally Served With Karrueche Restraining Order On His Birthday.

You can run but you can’t hide…

Back in March, The problem in this recent situation Chris Brown will NOT accept Karrueche’s restraining order.

According to NYDN reports, The “ singer won’t allow his law firm to accept service of the paperwork, his lawyer told Tran’s attorneys outside a courtroom in Santa Monica, Calif., early Wednesday.


Karrueche FINALLY was able to serve him with legal docs triggered by alleged death threats.
And speaking of adages, it’s the classic insult to injury, because Chris was served at his birthday bash. We’ve confirmed he was leaving Grooves nightclub in Houston when a process server slapped him with papers … and Chris was pissed

Happy Birthday Chris Brown!!!!

Rico Love Reacts To Miley Cyrus After Saying She No Longer Listens To Hip Hop And Burnt Her Token “Black Pass”.

Image result

It’s too late to be upset about this Mr. Rico Love.

Miley uses the black rappers and producers and now wants to reinvent herself in something completely different. So no more twerking like this gif below..

Image result for miley cyrus black dancers gif

Or this…

Image result for miley cyrus black dancers gif

Miley is over hiphop after she spent a few years twerking in rappers videos and trying to rip off the black culture. The 24-year-old singer said she was distancing herself from hip-hop—or, at least, the type she feels oversexualizes women.

Rico Love reacts to the news on social media…

Mimi Faust Files a Restraining Order Against Joseline.

Last year Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez famously accused Stevie J of sexually molesting his daughter Eva

Now that Stevie and Joseline have gotten back together Eva’s mother, MiMi Faust, is taking drastic measures to keep her safe…

According to reports MiMi Faust filed a restraining order in Fulton County court this week asking a judge to keep Joseline away from her daughter.

In the protective order Mimi claims Joseline has physically attacked her on several occasions and claims to have witnessed Joseline openly using illicit drugs in the house. MiMi also claims Joseline’s false child molestation accusations triggered a family services investigation.

MiMi tells The AJC,

“I’m not angry. I’m not jealous. People think this is a f***king joke. This is for real. This is my real life. I don’t give a f*** about the show or what was said on it. There are things I can’t even speak about on the show.”

“If he’s not going to protect my daughter, I will. If the shoe were in his foot, he’d do exactly what I’m doing. I don’t understand why he thinks this is okay. This is not okay with me in any respect.”

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