Mimi Faust Files a Restraining Order Against Joseline.

Last year Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez famously accused Stevie J of sexually molesting his daughter Eva

Now that Stevie and Joseline have gotten back together Eva’s mother, MiMi Faust, is taking drastic measures to keep her safe…

According to reports MiMi Faust filed a restraining order in Fulton County court this week asking a judge to keep Joseline away from her daughter.

In the protective order Mimi claims Joseline has physically attacked her on several occasions and claims to have witnessed Joseline openly using illicit drugs in the house. MiMi also claims Joseline’s false child molestation accusations triggered a family services investigation.

MiMi tells The AJC,

“I’m not angry. I’m not jealous. People think this is a f***king joke. This is for real. This is my real life. I don’t give a f*** about the show or what was said on it. There are things I can’t even speak about on the show.”

“If he’s not going to protect my daughter, I will. If the shoe were in his foot, he’d do exactly what I’m doing. I don’t understand why he thinks this is okay. This is not okay with me in any respect.”

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