‘Love And Hiphop Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 9.

Stevie adjusts to being a new dad. Scrappy throws a party to celebrate his return to single life. Momma Dee and Shirleen team up to pry into Kirk’s affairs. Waka makes a grand romantic gesture to win Tammy back.

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Nicki Minaj’s Brother Due in Court Today.

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Saturday night Nicki Minaj broke the Internet after volunteering to pay tuition for about a dozen of her fans on social media

In totally unrelated news Nicki Minaj’s older brother Jelani is due back in court today to face charges of repeatedly raping a 12 year-old girl believed to be his ex-wife’s daughter…

Hollywood Street King got their hands on Jelani’s court dockett.

Kandi Burruss Interview With V 103 Reacts To The ‘RHOA Reunion’, Phaedra Parks Lies, Porsha And More.


Cliff notes….

In the interview Kandi reacts to the Part 4 ‘RHOA’ reunion on V 103.

Let ‘s go!!!!!

  • At the 0:22 mark, Kandi says she was at the ‘RHOA’ reunion watch party at the Old Lady Gang.
  • Kandi said she did get upset again after watching the reunion last night.
  • At the 0:55 mark, Kandi said she could not believe Phaedra would go that far. Kandi explains , ” I know we weren’t cool anymore but for her to actually makeup something and tell it to the girl [Porsha] for her to say it on national TV and try to damage me like that way .”   (Rape Rumors)
  • Kandi says , “You want to tear down my businesses and stuff like that.”  They just want to say whatever, ” Take me down”.
  • At the 1:56 mark. “Kandi says , “People to me want to make sex look like something negative anyway. So it’s like you do anything or participate in something like drugging. People don’t want anything to do with you if you have something to do with a scandal like that. Look at all the people that are going through scandals where they’ve been accused of things….
  • Kandi brings up the Johnny and Phaedra situation and also mentions Phaedra was saying negative things on me with the city of Atlanta about my restaurant whatever.
  • Kandi brings up Porsha at the 3:45 mark. Kandi says, “How do you even believe this Porsha? When she said, “Well she told me this right before  we had the conversation.” Kandi says, “Okay so just to be clear for everybody so you understand. If you watch the show the day that Porsha and I had the little sit down and we were cussing each other out on the patio. Okay so basically we knew that we are going to have that conversation….. So basically ya’ll [Phaedra and Porsha] got together the day before you knew that you are going to have to face me. And, Phaedra told Porsha that I tried to drug you. So that you can say this on national TV. (4:30 mark)
  • Kandi says she has not hang out with Porsha in the past year. Kandi says she has not invited Porsha anywhere other than when we’re on the show. Me and Phaedra had not really talked.
  • Kandi says the lie would have kept going if Porsha did not snitch on Phaedra on the reunion.
  • Kandi says every time the subject came up Phaedra has never said a word. (5:37 mark).
  • Porsha said that Phaedra had told her a multiple times but that week I have sent Porsha a cease and desist. She had kept saying, ” Well people told me about the rumors.”
  • At the 17:14 mark Kandi said the Marvin story is a lie. Kandi recaps, “They had said my husband and his name is “Marvin” to meet women.” Now in real life people recognize Todd before they recognize me on the streets.
  • Kandi continues, “Since Todd mother has died he has not been to New York without me.”
  • Ryan asked Kandi has she ever consider suing Phaedra over defamation character at the 19:21 mark. Kandi responds, “I have thought about it have to talk to my attorneys and see like what do they and how do they feel how I should handle the situation.” Kandi says the damage is definitely done. They told me I should sue Porsha at first. And when it came out at the reunion Porsha got the information from Phaedra. I was like let me just hold up until you guys get to see this whole thing and I will get their opinion on how they think I should handle it.
  • Kandi says the only thing is…. lawsuits are stressful. I’m already dealing with that stuff with Johnny so that’s the only thing……….
  • Kandi talks more details about Johnny’s lawsuit at the 20:35 mark.

Chris Bosh Slapped With A Lawsuit By Porn Moguls Over Alleged Rat Poop Infested, Moldy Mansion.



Porn moguls???

According to reports, The owners of a posh porn production company called X-Art, Colette and Brigham Field, are suing Chris and his wife Adrienne for the filthy state of their California property.

In December 2016 the folks at X-Art shelled out $138,000 ($46,000 in rent and $92,000 security deposit) to shoot a bougie bang session inside their Pacific Palisades home.

Problem is, X-Art says the Bosh home was filled with poison mold, pipe leaks and rat s#it!

The Fields say it was so bad they “had to seek medical assistance for sickness and rashes that they suffered from the time when the mold could be seen and smelled.”

Wale Joins Episode 117 of Everyday Struggle | Joe Budden & DJ Akademiks


Today Wale visits  Everyday Struggle complex interview with Joe Budden and  DJ Akademiks.

  • Wale starts off by saying to DJ. Akademiks “Some of the conversations are not reasonable”.
  • At the 1:20 mark, DJ Akademiks says to Wale, “I did mentioned You was mad at me over some shit when I said “People the perception of you.. corny. You thought that was me saying that to you. I’m just trying to clarify.
  • Wale responds, “Who are these people? Who are they?
  • Wale says this the least he look at album reviews for his album ‘Shine’ at the 8:32 mark.
  • Wale said he knew what this album’ Shine’ was going to do the first week at the 11:44 mark,

Angela Stanton Book ‘Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil’ Is Currently Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #26.

It looks like the reunion did a wonderful thing for Angela Stanton.
Last night on conclusion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show Phaedra Parks claimed she won her defamation of character lawsuit against Angela Stanton after Angela wrote a tell-all book claiming Phaedra ran a crime syndicate in Atlanta and abandoned Angela after she was arrested.

Last night Angela Stanton showed up for Kandi Burruss’ RHOA reunion show viewing and set the record straight…
Watch this on my gram.

Fun fact… Angela Stanton Book ‘Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil’ Is Currently Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #26.

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