Kehlani Drags Blogs For Claiming She Had A Mental Breakdown.


The last thing on my mind would be the blogs.

But hey that’s just me!

Kehlani  is a little ticked off about reports saying she had a mental breakdown last night on stage.

TMZ reported, Kehlani broke down onstage Monday night and canceled her show — telling fans she felt “crazy” … this after being placed on a 5150 hold last year.
The R&B singer was set to perform in Grand Rapids, MI — an early stop on her summer tour — but she came out dressed down, and told fans she couldn’t do the show because she had to go to a hospital.
Kehlani was in tears with her voice trembling as she promised fans she’d refund them out of her own pocket or reschedule.

Back in 2016, Kehlani confirms suicide attempt over being exposed on social media. Click Here if you missed the story.

Kehlani uploads a picture with an IV in her arms and the message below:

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Kehlani refuted rumors of infidelity and revealed that she tried to end her life. The note was accompanied by a photo of herself in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV.

The singer address the news on social media on the GRAM.

    • kehlaniHey guys not sure why blogs are reporting that I had a mental breakdown but mentally I’m fucking fantastic lol physically tour is EXHAUSTING and people get sick all the time. Please be aware what you spread in regards to mental health; that can be really detrimental. I love you guys! Speak only what you know.

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