‘LHHATL:’ Joseline Hernandez Addresses Rumors About Leaving The Show, Fitness, And More With Galore.

Proud mother of Bonnie Bella takes over Galore Magazine with a beautiful fashion spread.

In the interview Joseline tackles all including information about possibly returning to ‘Love and HipHop ATL’ and music.

Here is portion of the interview:

I know you’re into fitness, what are some your favorite workouts?

Well, I have my own workout program. My trainers and I came together and wanted to create a program that was easy for people who really like to work out and for people who have a hard time getting up and going to the gym. So, we put together this program called “Results In 28 Days” (RI28) and you can check that out on resultsin28days.com, and the program is real easy. It’s simple things that makes your heart rate go up, which burns the fat out.

I did that throughout my whole pregnancy. I just had my daughter Bonnie Bella four months ago and I’m back to a size two. That’s the only thing I stick to and I stand by it. It’s like a personal trainer on your phone without having to go to the gym.

Since having a baby, did it tame the Puerto Rican Princess a little or you just as wild as before?

Oh, I’m definitely still a wild person, but I know for a fact that I think before I act now. I think before I move. I think before I do anything. And I control my life. I control my situation. I control my surroundings. I control every single thing that I do. And if I can’t control it, I can’t get with it.

So, what craziness can we expect from your upcoming special, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Special Delivery”?

Omg, the delivery special that’s coming out May 1st and executive produced by your girl Joseline Hernandez! It’ll be great. You going to get to see a different Joseline. You’re going to get to see all my family. There’s a lot of new editions to my family — my baby, my niece’s baby, my brothers’ babies. You get to see strippers at the baby shower. You going to get to see who I am and who I’m always going to be. And I just enjoy what I do and enjoy myself and that’s just how I live life nowadays.

Even though the season is not quit over yet. Are you planning to come back another season or is this it for you? 

I don’t know. But I tell you one thing, you always going to see Joseline Hernandez around.


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