Birdman And Slim Talks About Before Anythang Documentary, Carter V, Drake, Nicki Minaj And More.


Not too long ago Weezy talked about the latest status with his legal CMR click Here if you missed that.

Both Birdman and Slim does a recent interview with Billboard recap their or 20-plus years in the industry.

When Birdman and Slim launched Cash Money in New Orleans in the early 1990s, however, it was headlines — and harsh realities — about their city’s skyrocketing murder rate that the two were trying to escape. “A lot of violence, a lot of drugs, killin’, especially in those days,” Birdman says. Adds Slim, “You had to be a survivor to last……..”

Here is portion of their interview:

Let’s get to this right away: How are things with Lil Wayne now?

Birdman: Carter V coming out this year, man. Wayne my son, and it’s just that simple. Carter V definitely coming out, though.

Tell me about the three-part documentary Before Anythang.

Birdman: It starts from the beginning of my life growing up in the homes, just being a lost kid up until I started in the music business and signed with Universal. That’s part one, up until we get into the music business.

Why did you want this to focus on the early years?

Birdman: It’s the only way to tell the story. I wanted to start from the beginning, even before me, before I was even born, with my mother and my father. Everything comes from my pops and my moms, so I wanted to start from the beginning before I was even created, up until just being a young man, being incarcerated a lot, up until going to jail and changing my life.

What was life like growing up for you in New Orleans?

Birdman: New Orleans just a hell hole, man, it’s just a different lifestyle. Forty years ago when I was a kid, it was even worse back then. Just growing up in the projects. The sh-t that we thought was right, not having been taught right that that sh-t was wrong, until we got older and learned what’s right and what’s wrong.

Slim: There was rough times, there was good times. When we were growing up our mom died when we was young, and our dad died right before we had our deal. Just dealing with all that, it was just every day life. It was just a tough game

Young Money was the way Nicki and Drake came into the fold. Do you remember when you first met both of them?

Slim: I went to some of the concerts to see what’s going on, so when we got to marketing and coming up with a plan and a strategy I knew what to do. Me and my brother would discuss it, sitting down and talking about this and that and what we needed to do to make it happen, to make them bigger.

Birdman: Wayne brought Nicki to me in L.A., right after we sold 1 million copies of Tha Carter III [in its first week]. He came to my room, “Stunna you gotta hear this, you gotta see this.” He showed me a DVD, he like, “I gotta have her, I’m flyin’ her in tomorrow.” I saw the DVD and I knew she was a star, he felt she was a star, we felt she was a star, off top. And Drake came, just super talented; I told him the first day I met him and heard his music, “You a legend, man.” He was like, “For real Stunna?” “Man, you a f–kin’ legend.” And he turned out to be a f–kin’ legend.



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