Don’t Call It A Come Back! Irv Gotti Relaunching Murder Inc.

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Murder Inc was the shit back in the day!

With artists like Ja Rule, Ashanti, Charlie Baltimore, Vita….  The music speaks for itself.

Irv Gotti confirms on the gram that he’s relaunching Murder Inc.

  • irvgotti187Oh and by the way!! I’m about to RE LAUNCH MURDER INC RECORDS!! I got some new artist. New music. Same fucking MOVEMENT! The Worlds Most Talented Record Label. Everyone had a lot of fun. While I had to re group from the Feds coming after me. Had to plot and plan and fall back while I watched everyone else eat. I watched gracefully. I applauded and congratulated everyone who deserved it. Never one bone of hate in my body. I love to see my niggas win and eat. BUT ITS MY TURN NOW!! My Money is right. And I’m back!! Major Announcements Coming Soon. Who Murder Inc will be partnered with. And what Artist I am fucking with!! #murderinc #murda4life#visionaryideas Follow @visionaryideas


Back in 2003 ‘INSIDE THE MURDER INC. RAID’..….

At 6 a.m., the midtown Manhattan offices of the Universal Music Group are usually quiet; the music industry has never been known for its early risers. But on January 3, hours before some of music’s most powerful executives clocked in for work, a team of FBI agents, NYPD investigators and drug-sniffing dogs arrived at the Universal building with a warrant to search the offices of Murder Inc.

While the label’s employees were turned away, investigators worked well into the evening, coming and going in waves. They rifled through desks, ripped out computer hard drives and drilled open company safes, keeping track along the way by marking each office with a lettered tag (see “Murder Inc. Offices Raided By Feds”).


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