Bow Wow Speaks On Private Jet Drama, Race & Breaks Down Funk Flex Beef On Hot 97…


Cliff notes…

  • Shad and Hot 97 discuss flaunting on the gram. Shad says, “People don’t understand there is scientific methods of my madness. (0:34 mark) In other words Shad Moss recent scandal.
  • Shad says “Number 1 I’m about to have the biggest show on We Tv.”
  • Shad explains, “Shad says he never says this was my my money. I put a quote underneath  the picture. A lot of times people will see picture like that  .Oh he, I never said that was mine. 1: 51 mark.
  • Peter Rosenberg figures Shad Moss out about the private jet situation at the 3:28 mark.
  • Shad Moss talks about Lil Mama comparison says that’s going to be around forever at the 6:42 mark.
  • Ebro butts in talking about Lil Mama  is mixed like you. She’s half white like you.
  • Shad answers, “She might be.”
  • At the 7:11 mark Shad explains the biracial comments. “Look this is how that happened people said I’m not black. Never said I wasn’t black. How the whole thing started was from. A fan asked me a question on Twitter. Do you know you have ancestors were in Selma and they were marching.  I replied back “Well, I wasn’t alive for that”. So I only believe what the eyes can see. .. As far as I’m concern my grandmother would of told me and my grandmother is not black at the 8:06 mark.
  • The crew calls out Shad Moss for trolling again for claiming he does not speak on politics but he was dragged for trashing Donald Trump tweet on social media at the 9:11 mark.
  • Shad says, “At the time he didn’t it was too far… So my thing is this I did not think nothing of it.”
  • Shad says he hasn’t spoken to Soulja Boy in a minute at the 10:52 mark. He is still cool with him though.
  • Shad talks about the Tyra Banks kiss at the 15:06 mark.
  • Shad talk about his ex Ciara and says his mother is extremely close to Ciara at the 15:17 mark.
  • Shad Moss talks about Beef with Funk Flex at the 20:56 mark.

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