Finally… Michael Braxton Sr. Shows Off Wanda Braxton On New Episode Of ‘Braxton Family Values ‘SEASON 5, EPISODE 24.


The moment folks have been waiting to see….

Tamar’s latest single ‘My Man‘ was inspired by Papa Braxton cheated on Evelyn click Here if you missed that.

RECAP from this season so far…  Braxton sisters’ tumultuous relationship with their father, Tamar says her pastor father Michael “had another woman for nine years.” Towanda says, “My father married just 30 days after my parents’ divorce.” That was in 2000 but the family is still hurting. Toni says, “When he got his new wife, he forgot about us.”


 Tamar announced the trip to Mexico.  Invited or not, it seems Michael Sr. and his wife do end up on the Mexico vacation, and, the promo declares, “What the other Mrs. Braxton tells them will change their world forever.”

Finally ‘BFV’ reveals Ms. Thing watch below.


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