K. Michelle Calls Out Loni Love For Being A Hypocrite.


Yesterday, ‘The Real’ share their disgust over black women acting a plum fool on reality shows.  If you missed K. Michelle and Loni feud on social media click Here to read.

Loni starts off by saying, “I just don’t like the fact that you have African American women on a show that are putting each other down like this. I don’t like it and I don’t watch this stuff.

Jeannie says, ” And I’m gonna take it even further. Can I be real? Actually on that tip, I don’t want to see that in any circle of women period. Because I’m sick and tired of seeing squabs between women. Why does it look like we can’t get along? And outside of this show, why do we always have to hear that they can’t along?”

Loni  responds “But the difference is though Jeannie that they give other women… especially white women, they give them shows. The reason why these sisters are doing what they doing if you want to be real about it; is they trying to keep that check. Okay, that’s why they doing it.”

K. Michelle went on social media to call out Loni Love.

  1. People get oh so holy in the time of convenience. See me, Im just like f* you all day. I know who I am and I never fold or switch up.

  2. Sitting up there like Jesus took a day off.

  3. See, I’ll admit i’m crazy as shit, but fake has never been my thing. Don’t speak on things you aren’t really about.

  4. I’m confused as to how you can get on national tv and bash a woman you’ve never met and not even a week later speak on GIRL POWER

  5. The lesson of today class is hypocrites.

  6. So I was minding my business as usual and I clicked…



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