Coughs Nicki. Remy Ma Says, “The Dust Has Settled” On ‘The Real’.


While Nicki just recently drop two videos for Remy Ma’s diss track. Click Here and Here if you missed the story. Remy remains unbothered in fact she is paying old girl dust.

In the clip Loni says to Remy “ We ain’t seen you in a minute Remy.  And,  you know you made some headlines since we last saw you.  Loni continues, “You got a few things you want to say about those headlines.”

Remy tells Loni “Umm no the dust has settled. You know some people don’t get the dust has settle. But I can understand it’s kinda of hard to see the dust settling when your in the grave under the dirt.  Remy continues, “I’m just happy that I’m the new improved Remy Ma.  Remy Martha, I’m married now. That old Remy Ma woulda of been beasting still….”

Remy continue, “There’s a thin line between petty and pathetic..”


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