Sneak Peek Alert. TIP Brings Up “Marriage Is A Distraction” ‘T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle’ Season 6.

VH1 releases a sneak peek of the next week episodes of ‘Family Hustle’. There is four episodes left…

In the clip TIP says, “Marriage is distracting me from my greatness”….

Next part.. TIP says, “I tried be a husband but obviously wasn’t good at..”

But If I hear TIP says marriage is a distraction one mo’ again..

Image result

For real though… TIP is a selfish jackass. I hope Tameka takes everything from Tip including socks and his to down his thesaurus. Oswald Bates acting motherfucker.

Marriage is distracting Tip from what?

From thotting and bopping all over the “A”…  This is what TIP is currently doing with Bernice. And, God knows what other women TIP has lay it low and spread it wide while he was married with Tameka.  Just show some respect to Tameka and his kids.  Damn!

 The best thing about  this reality show has done is expose TIP for what he truly is…



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