She Ain’t Sorry! Mo’Nique Has No Fear of Oprah or Lee Daniels, Insists Rant Was ‘the Truth’.

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On Saturday night,  Mo’Nique performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. During one part of her routine, the Oscar Award winning actress called out Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry.

Mo went in,……….

I was not black balled. I was white balled. By some black dicks who had no balls. Thank you Mr. Lee Daniels. Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry. Thank you Ms. Oprah Winfrey. I wasn’t black balled I was f*cked up by some niggas that had no balls.

It would kill me not to say the real sh*t. You are not paying me equally….You are not treating me fairly.

So y’all can suck my d*ck if I had one.

The actress is not BACKING DOWN and has no fear …

Mo’Nique won’t be issuing apologies to Lee DanielsOprah or Tyler Perry and she’s not afraid of any further backlash she gets for simply saying what’s true … in her eyes.

Mo’ and her husband, Sidney Hicks, told us they believe Oprah and Tyler participated in Lee’s campaign to label her “difficult to work with” on sets. She wanted to make it clear … even though she was doing a comedy stand-up special, she was dead serious about the allegations.


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