Andy Cohen Talks Housewives, Steve Harvey’s Memo, Phaedra Parks, His New Show ‘Love Connection’ & More On Breakfast Club Power 105.


Cliff notes.

  • Andy starts off by addressing Steve Harvey Memo At the 0:27-0:45 mark. Andy defends Steve Harvey’s staff and found the Memo pretty funny.
  • At the 2:04 The BFC talks about RHOA.  Envy asked Andy, “Did you expect anything like that to ever happen? Andy responds, “No”.
  • Andy says he was very surprise that Phaedra said this came for me (Kandu date rape rumors).
  • Andy says he spoke to Phaedra a few days later and says he was really surprise she didn’t defend herself more.
  • Andy says he don’t believe in response to (Phaedra claims the producers told her) at the 3:18 mark.
  • Andy says “You can’t tell someone to go say this on camera like it just doesn’t work.) at the 3:45 mark.
  • Andy talks Phaedra firing rumors at the 3:56 mark.  Andy says, “There is rumors that she’s fired I mean we’re looking at next season and you have to look at where we left off which is that none of the women want to engage with her. That”s a tough place to come back from.
  • At the 5:14 mark Envy mentions Nene coming back. Andy responds, “Is she? Who said that?” The answer is we haven’t starting shooting we will let you know as soon as it happens.

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