Mary J. Blige Takes Over The ‘Today Show’ Performing ‘Thick Of It’ ‘Family Affair’ And ‘U + Me’.


Mary performs her classic single’ Family Affair’ and two new songs from her new album ‘Strength Of A Woman’ which is currently in stores.

She’s also going on tour this summer, and tickets went on sale on Friday.

“Expect [us] to do what we do,” she said when asked what fans should anticipate from her live show.

“We celebrate life because we come through so many trials, and life is hard as it is but life is good and we are coming to celebrate the good of life.”

Blige alluded to having gone through trials of her own, which might refer to her 2016 divorce from her onetime manager Martin Isaacs, to whom she’d been married since 2003.

“It is what it is,” she said. “I wouldn’t be Mary J. Blige if I couldn’t use my own music as therapy.”

Click Here to watch.


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