Bill Cosby arrives for jury selection in criminal trial.


Six days ago, Bill Cosby spoke out for the first time.

Sirius XM radio host Michael Smerconish said he interviewed Bill for 30 minutes, during which time he asked about the dozens of stories of alleged sexual misconduct on the comic’s behalf, which reportedly occurred between 1965 and 2008. .

Michael asked Bill if he believes Ensa’s “racism” theory is true. The former Cosby Show star, who stands trial June 5, replied, “Could be. Could be. I can’t say anything, but there are certain things that I look at, and I apply to the situation, and there are so many tentacles. So many different—’nefarious’ is a great word. I just truly believe that some of it may very well be that

Bill Cosby arrived at a Pittsburgh court this morning in advance of jury selection for his criminal trial, which is slated for next month in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

The comedian walked into the Allegheny County Courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh just before 9 a.m.

In late February, Judge Steven O’Neill granted a request made by Cosby’s legal team to bring in a jury from outside Montgomery County, which the defense argued would allow for a more diverse group.

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