Bill Cosby Trial: Five Jurors Are Chosen.

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Mr. Cosby trial began yesterday….

Sorting through a jury pool already exposed to the blaze of publicity over allegations against Bill Cosby, lawyers and a judge on Monday selected the first five jurors, all of them white, who will weigh whether he committed a sexual assault…

Stuart P. Slotnick, a defense lawyer not involved with the case and a former prosecutor, said Mr. Cosby’s team should be allowed to take its time during jury selection to put the facts of the case before the potential jurors and advocate its position as much as Judge O’Neill will allow.

“In order for Bill Cosby to have a fair trial, which he is entitled to, he needs an impartial jury,” he said. “Unless you have a full and fair opportunity to speak with the juror, you don’t know if they have made up their mind.”

Back in 2015,  Bill Cosby has been charged with sexual assault more than a decade after a former Temple University employee told police the comedian drugged and violated her at his home near Philadelphia.

It’s the first criminal charge against Cosby over his conduct with women, which has received new scrutiny in the past year.



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