Migos Reportedly Refused To Perform With Drag Queens On SNL Is Completely False.

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Back in March of this year, Migos member Quavo caught flak when, in a Rolling Stone profile, he seemed to suggest iLoveMakonnen’s coming out as gay somehow made the Atlanta MC’s lyrics about selling coke and Molly seem fake. But in Migos’ new interview for Billboard‘s latest cover story, Quavo tries to clear up any implications that he’s homophobic.

“If you real from the heart, you real from the heart,” he says. “That ain’t got nothing to do with no sex or gender. It’s 2017, and we all living.”

Fast forward…

On Saturday Night Live the group performed with Katy Perry.

Last night, A story claim the group Migos had issues with drag queens.


The World of Wonder site pulled their story last night, and a representative from Capitol Music has called it “completely false and fabricated.” Meanwhile, over on Reddit, a commenter who also claims to be have been there has thoughts on how the queens were still maneuvered to be included in the song.


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