Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez Bail Out On The ‘Wendy Williams Show’.

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Wendy confirm the couple was suppose to be on the show today. But, Joseline and Steebie just could not get it together.

Wendy spills what went down that caused couple to not appear on the show today.

In the clip, Wendy said, “I have bad news for everybody it is not my fault.  Stevie and Joseline are not here. Excuse me! You know it’s quarter after 10 in New York. I woke up one hour late this morning after going to the Lounge last night. I still made it.

Okay here’s why they are not here. Attention everyone! It should be no surprise that this relationship on and off again on a constant basis. Correct. Well apparently they are off. And we promoted this as a .. I told you baby Bonnie was coming. I would have Bonnie up here for 2 seconds. Cuz then I want to talk with the parents.

Fun fact… Bonnie was suppose to make her first debut on the show.


Beyonce Accused of Slandering “Feyonce” Owners In Lawsuit.

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Back in April 2016, Beyoncé  slapped a Texas-based company with a lawsuit for hawking illegal merchandise and she is demanding a federal court injunction ordering the defendants to cease selling the products along with an order awarding her all profits the company made off her trademark. The singer also claims in court papers filed in Manhattan that the company has ignored her requests to stop.
Beyonce’s complaint accuses the San Antonio company, and three individuals, of “brazenly” selling the Feyonce-labelled merchandise.

Here’s an update on the situation.

Queen Bey was accused of talking wreck less about the brand.

That’s according to TJB reports, On May 11th, Andre Maurice and Leana Lopez, the people behind Feyonce, responded to the singer’s attempt to obtain a default judgement against them.

They explain they have attempted to find counsel to represent them but have been unsuccessful due to the high rates. The duo say they have shut down their Feyonce website and no longer hawk merchandise that the pop star believes infringes on her marks.

Further, they accuse Beyonce of slandering their names to encourage the products to be removed which caused their funds to decrease.

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ISIS takes responsibility for Ariana Grande concert bombing.

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Yesterday it was reported, Ariana suspended her Dangerous Woman Tour, with her remaining London shows and dates across Europe being pulled.

ISIS claimed responsibility Tuesday for the suicide bombing that killed 22 people, many of them children, at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester – as authorities arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the atrocity.

“One of the soldiers of the Caliphate was able to place an explosive device within a gathering of the Crusaders in the city of Manchester,” the terror group said in a statement published on its social media channels.

Everyday Struggle EP 127 | Joe Budden & DJ Akademiks | Kendrick Mask Off + Nicki & Nas Sleepovers On Complex.


On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska broke down Kendrick Lamar’s “Mask Off” remix and determined whether or not this made the song better. Later, the crew pondered whether or not DJ Khaled would be a good boss at Epic Records and tried to determine how legit the Nicki Minaj and Nas relationship is. They also took a deep look at Bryson Tiller’s album tracklist and speculated about how happy Kanye West really is.

Leslie Jones to host 2017 BET Awards.

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If you missed the nominations for this year BET’s Award click Here to read.

According to reports, Leslie Jones has a new gig hosting the 2017 BET Awards, it was announced Wednesday.

It marks the first major awards show hosting job for the “SNL” star. Jones joins a long list of comedians who have led the show, including Chris Rock, Mo’Nique, Kevin Hart and Chris Tucker.

Leslie said…..

“BET was the first place I ever did comedy on TV, so it’s a full-circle moment of coming home where I started,” Jones said. “I went out in the world and did what I needed to do and now I can come home to my people and say, ‘Yo! Look what I did!’

Jones is going to bring her no-holds-barred comedy style to the event, which goes down June 25.

“I am tired of everybody being sad and angry. I want people to just downright laugh,” she told People. “You can’t do the event without touching on certain things, but I’m trying to make it all funny. It’s really just about pulling the elephants out of the room and, actually, I’ll make the elephant in the room laugh about it.”

She said she wants the show to feel like a family reunion barbecue and people to leave the show not remembering if awards got given out because they were laughing so hard.

Jones takes over from last year’s hosts Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross from Black-ish.

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