Beyonce Accused of Slandering “Feyonce” Owners In Lawsuit.

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Back in April 2016, Beyoncé  slapped a Texas-based company with a lawsuit for hawking illegal merchandise and she is demanding a federal court injunction ordering the defendants to cease selling the products along with an order awarding her all profits the company made off her trademark. The singer also claims in court papers filed in Manhattan that the company has ignored her requests to stop.
Beyonce’s complaint accuses the San Antonio company, and three individuals, of “brazenly” selling the Feyonce-labelled merchandise.

Here’s an update on the situation.

Queen Bey was accused of talking wreck less about the brand.

That’s according to TJB reports, On May 11th, Andre Maurice and Leana Lopez, the people behind Feyonce, responded to the singer’s attempt to obtain a default judgement against them.

They explain they have attempted to find counsel to represent them but have been unsuccessful due to the high rates. The duo say they have shut down their Feyonce website and no longer hawk merchandise that the pop star believes infringes on her marks.

Further, they accuse Beyonce of slandering their names to encourage the products to be removed which caused their funds to decrease.

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