Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez Bail Out On The ‘Wendy Williams Show’.

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Wendy confirm the couple was suppose to be on the show today. But, Joseline and Steebie just could not get it together.

Wendy spills what went down that caused couple to not appear on the show today.

In the clip, Wendy said, “I have bad news for everybody it is not my fault.  Stevie and Joseline are not here. Excuse me! You know it’s quarter after 10 in New York. I woke up one hour late this morning after going to the Lounge last night. I still made it.

Okay here’s why they are not here. Attention everyone! It should be no surprise that this relationship on and off again on a constant basis. Correct. Well apparently they are off. And we promoted this as a .. I told you baby Bonnie was coming. I would have Bonnie up here for 2 seconds. Cuz then I want to talk with the parents.

Fun fact… Bonnie was suppose to make her first debut on the show.


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