Kimora Lee Simmons Claps Back At Reports Her Husband Financed Her Company.

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A few days ago, FBI and four other countries are investigating the $6.5 billion in bonds brokered by Kimora’s husband and then funneled to Malaysian government officials. Kimora’s fashion line — sold online and at a boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif., with tops going for $550 — can’t be profitable, no matter how beautiful her designs are, retail experts told me.“She’s off the map. She’s not in any department stores,” one said. And Leissner might not continue to subsidize the operation.

Kimora claps back at the reports with LA Times.

As for whether she consults with her husband about business, Simmons said, “He’s a financial person and I’m a fashion person, so I wouldn’t say that really. And I’ve been doing this for kind of a long time. Probably more my young girls [14 and 17] give me a little more fashion advice.”

Asked for her reaction to the Post’s report, she said, “I think it does a disservice to the fashion business and to designers like me. I’m one of the few designers who is here with their namesake label. I’m one of the few women and certainly one of the few women of color. Diversity is a big conversation for me that I talk about.

“When you say something to attack a brand…it doesn’t do a service to myself or the industry to have — for those who are following in my footsteps, or for the groundwork that I have laid for other people like myself of which there are only a small handful,” Simmons said. “So we struggle every day and we have our struggles every day, but I think it’s better to probably keep to the topic of your growth and your success than to go and create lies or false stories about brands like that. It’s one thing to be successful, it’s another thing to be failing, it’s another thing for someone to write and publish things that you’re failing. That’s really no good. I was just shocked at that but it happens all the time. I guess I’m honored that they still want to talk about me.”

Noting that she has known many media people and they have been there through her journey and her evolution, so to speak, Simmons said, “I’m always speaking about women’s empowerment, putting your best foot forward. I’ve been married and also divorced. I’ve been a single mom. I really considered myself to be one of the trailblazers. I’m an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, I have investments. I’m working and trying very hard every day so I think it is bad, yes, for an old whoever guy to try to discredit all of that. I think it does a disservice to fashion or women of color, yeah absolutely. I’m not saying that it was necessarily racially motivated but one could look at it that way, absolutely.”



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