Pick A Side.. Social Media Questions Nicki Minaj’s Loyalty To Lil Wayne After Spotted With Birdman At The LIV Club In Miami.

The Queen of No Frauds has social media buzzing after the YMCMB rep “Rich Gang” after hanging out with Birdman at the club on Sunday.

Correct me if I’m wrong Birdman is Nicki Minaj’s boss…

You might not want to piss off the man who is signing your checks… Just saying!

Nicki Minaj says countless of times she has no issues with Birdman in the midst of Lil Wayne still wanting his coins from Birdman and Cash Money. Peep the “Bish Better Have My Money” section on the site.

According to the folks on the GRAM people says Nicki is not loyal to Lil Wayne for this stunt. They also brought up Nicki was behind the entire Drake and Meek Mill drama.

If it makes it any better Nicki Minaj was not smiling in the pictures. Unlike she was with Lil Wayne, Drake at the past Billboards Awards click Here if you missed that.

Comments from TSR.

  • bsocold_06She fraud, he hit the man who put you on for millions and you in the camp with him.

carriellove34So glad Wayne is with Hov now!! These are two frauds he definitely don’t need ever!!!!!

  • ms.spencer1Guess what wonder will Wayne take a picture with her enemy since they have a concert coming up soon. Now wouldn’t that be fake. Nicki fans would be calling him a fraud if he do it.
  • justinep17She’s so damn fraud.
  • dimple_tFake af
  • eyecandy1031@Odavie_bettt_okanda I agree. She’s been taking pics with every dayum body. Hanging out with reality stars. Even E news noticed that. It’s like she’s trying so hard to prove a point. Like we get it. You’re a popstar. But now it looks like she a just a famous fan. She posted with everybody now. No exclusivity.
  • issabcray101She jumped back on the bandwagon after her and Meek split. But whose the real fraud? Asking for a friend😯😬😂😂😂
  • odavie_betty_okondaNicki is such a groupie. Wanting everyone to be with her. Smh girllllllllllll




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