En Vogue Talks About Biopic On Dish Nation.


Here for this!!!!

Dish Nation got the exclusive information….

Speaking at the Annual “Big Fighters, Big Cause” Charity Boxing Night benefiting the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation, the ladies said an unauthorized film of their lives was not something they would like to see.

Terry admitted: “We wouldn’t like that to happen. However, we are in conversations about doing it ourselves. It’s a secret right now, I can’t tell you everything!”

However, Cindy added: “We’re definitely having conversations, serious conversations, which we absolutely would not have entertained until recently.”

Then asked about their dream actors, Terry admitted: “For me, my best friend Holly Robinson Peete”, while Rhona chimed in: “I think that’s an amazing choice! I think Regina King is an amazing actress, hmmm… who else, Cindy?” Cindy smiled and chimed in: “Jurnee Smollett.”

As the ladies admitted the secrets were unfolding, Terry giggled: “You’re trying to get information out of us! We’re not going to tell you.”

However, Cindy let slip: “It’s going to be called Lightning in a Jar.”

Soon after Cindy spoke on the importance of respect and support for one another as being the key to staying together.

“It’s just to appreciate each other and each other’s talent as individuals, and which individual brings to the group. But it’s also to keep our eye on the longterm goal, not get on the things that can trip us up, because those will be gone tomorrow. But it’s the long term goal, and it’s also for the fact that we still have a mutual love for what we do. We still love singing, performing and writing music. ”

Terry added: “And respecting each other, while Rhona agreed, “Absolutely ditto.”

And asked about how they stayed close, Cindy gave her opinion, “Don’t go out and party a lot and drink, and not come to a rehearsal and miss your flights for a show. ”

As they laughed, Terry added: “And don’t spend all your money. Neither of us has those issues, so that’s why we’re still here 27-years later.”

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