Cleveland Cop Who killed Tamir Rice Has Been Fired For Lying On His Job Application.

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Karma has a way of coming back…

Back in March, A 911 dispatcher who took a call that led to a white police officer’s fatal shooting of a 12-year-old  Tamir Rice outside a recreation center has been suspended for eight days.

Police Chief Calvin Williams found in a disciplinary letter dated March 10 that Constance Hollinger violated protocol the day of the shooting of Tamir Rice, who had been playing with a pellet gun.

Just recently, The Cleveland cop who fatally shot Tamir Rice has been fired — not for killing the innocent child but for lying on his job application, authorities said Tuesday.

Officer Timothy Loehmann lost his job 2 1/2 years after Tamir, 12, was gunned down inside a park while holding a pellet gun.

Loehmann’s partner, Frank Garmback, was hit with a 10-day suspension, authorities said.

Rice’s mother wondered why the police canned Loehmann for providing false information on his job application — rather than for killing her boy.

“I’m relieved that Loehmann was fired, as he should be,” Samaria Rice told reporters.

“They fired him for lying on his application. I wish they would’ve fired him for killing Tamir.”



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