Tiger Woods’ DUI Dashcam Footage Is Released

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Not looking good for Tiger Woods….

Tiger Woods legacy is about to take a major blow…

NY Post has access to Tiger Woods’ DUI dashcam footage that was recently released.

Dashcam footage was released Wednesday night showing a dazed and confused Tiger Woods wobbling around and slurring his words as he attempts to speak with cops during his DUI arrest.

The golf star can be seen on video failing his roadside sobriety tests and struggling to keep his eyes open after officers found him passed out behind the wheel of his busted-up Mercedes-Benz early Monday in Jupiter, Fla.

At one point, Woods — who is decked out in his signature Nike apparel — is asked to recite his ABCs, but instead of doing so, he starts randomly walking away.

“Mr. Woods, you don’t have to walk anywhere,” an officer can be heard telling him.

“What, what are we doing?” Woods asks, stuttering.

The footage, which was released by the Jupiter Police Department, shows the golfer’s entire arrest from start to finish.


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