Amber Rose Tea Get Spilled Accused Of Smashed Diddy’s Son Quincy At A House Party On Jason ‘Hollywood Unlocked’.


Jason spills all over Amber Rose tea on ‘Hollywood Unlocked’ with no phucks given. Ms. Amber mess with the wrong one. The last person you want to piss off is a blogger who knows all your dirty little tea.

Right Amber?

Let’s go!!!!

It all went down at the 33:07 mark.

  • Jason says. “Shout out to Amber Rose  I heard she had a lot to talk about us specifically. She was talking about us in Philly this weekend. Somebody was at a table and she said that, “Hollywood Unlocked is messy and unfair. And, I just don’t think she paid attention to the fact that:
  1. That we partner with Amber Rose a couple times when she did a launch of her emoji and so other shit I don’t know but I approved.
  • Jason continues, “The thing that’s interesting to me about Amber. She’s a fake bitch! And, I don’t understand why every time I see her like I show love to like everybody. If I know you If I recognize you. I will say hello… and keep it moving.
  • Jason says, “He’s been critical about the Slut Walk because I don’t know what the sluts are walking about.  Off topic We are here Jason I feel the same way.
  • Jason says. “I been critical about her brand because I don’t know  what the fuck she’s doing with it.  I was critical when she hopped off a superstar dick and went to a regular nigga dick. Now she’s just out there.
  • At the 34:45 mark, Jason says, ” I remember where I saw Amber at Puffy’s party at Prince’s house years ago. I remember when Amber and Quincy was hanging out and I know they fucked. I never said it publicity until right now. (35:13 mark).



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